About Cabu!

A bit of information about myself such as my favourite school subjects, sports and/or hobbies. Maybe what I like to contribute to the school's online newspaper as well!

Welcome to Your New Online Newspaper!

Kids on Laptop

Welcome to your brand new and exciting online school newspaper. On here you will read some wonderful posts, see great images and watch cool videos – all thanks to the wonderful students who will create memories of their time at our school, and to all the teachers and staff who will help contribute as well. [...]

School Video

Kids on Ipad

Check out this video, with the students at Onerahi Primary School using the Cabu! software to publish their work. Working initially with a withdrawl group of 12 senior students, The Beacon News Crew, we have also discovered that an initiative such as this has further provided authentic contexts for students to Learn and develop journalism [...]

Our Sports


On Thursday 6 December a group of senior students took the high seas to learn to sail Optimist yachts. This was the result of a two day land based programme that was run in term one. Unfortunately the weather conditions were two strong for their initial planned sail day in April , so arrangements were [...]